Intervention Testimonials & Reviews

Dear Vince,
I wanted to take a moment to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the help that you have given to my son, (name removed). It is truly a miracle that he went to the treatment center right from the intervention.
The staff there are warm, friendly and experienced. We are going there next week to do family counseling with him.
Know that you have a gift and touched our lives in an unforgettable way. Whatever happens in the future, I will always appreciate what you have done for us. All of the phone calls and support you offered to me will never be forgotten. Charlotte, NC

For years we have done everything we can to save my wife from this devastating addiction. We should have done an intervention long ago but our family had different reasons for waiting. Within one week of my calling you, she was admitted to an excellent treatment facility and is receiving first class care. Thank you.
I would recommend your service to anyone without hesitation… Allentown, PA

Dear Vince,
I just want to let you know you are in my thoughts during this Holiday Season. today marks my sister’s one year of sobriety. She has worked hard all year and has grown in many ways.
Thank you for all you did in leading our family through this time and encouraging us to find help. We have all learned a great deal about ourselves. The intervention was only the beginning of our family’s healing!
Sincerely, (name removed) – San Diego, CA

Dear Vince,
“When I told my father-in-law that I needed help to stop my husband from destroying himself and our kids’ lives with his drug addicted lifestyle, he thought he could just talk to his son and “straighten him out”. When he came back from talking to him he was angry and scared because of what he saw. He had never been talked to like that by his son. He told me to go ahead and get an interventionist. I called The Betty Ford Center and was given your name and telephone number. When I called you I didn’t know what to expect, but you were very knowledgable and calm and gave me reassurance that his drug problem had a solution. On your advice, I called more family members and friends to ask for their help to do an intervention and they all agreed, even though they were nervous. We were successful! He went to rehab and is now almost five months without any drugs or alcohol. Thank you so much for everything, Vince. I have my husband back and the kids are getting comfortable around him again.” – Scranton, PA

“Our heartfelt thanks. Your ability to bring us together was uncanny. We were very anxious about doing an intervention on (name removed). But we knew we had to do something before he was gone. You took control and with calm direction got the family to focus on the only thing that mattered and that was to get him to rehab. As stubborn and defiant as my brother is, we were blown away by his willingness to go with you to detox and treatment. It was magical!! Our family will be forever grateful for your help.” – Wilkes-Barre,PA

To Vince,
Our company has not had to deal with alcoholism at the executive level until now. When the Human Resources Director advised me to contact you, I hesitated to bring in outside help, but became convinced that we didn’t have this kind of expertise on-board. Now that the intervention had been successfully done and our valued executive is in treatment, it is clear that bringing you in to conduct the process was the right thing to do. As Chief Executive Officer of (company’s name removed), Inc., I offer our organization’s sincere thanks for your professionalism and expertise. – Philadelphia, PA


A long overdue “thanks” for your assistance with helping (name removed). After treatment she spent some time with my wife and me. She now has her own apartment, car, and a job. She continues to see a counselor. Thanks again…… Scranton, PA

You were our guy! Thank you for leading us through this intervention. Your role as a teacher, guide, and facilitator during this process helped us all to help my husband. We are very grateful for your expertise…. Short Hills, NJ