Vince Carolan

Seen On

– NBC’s “Today Show” with Bryant Gumbel
– NBC local affiliate WBRE “Call The Doctor” Show
– ABC local affiliate WNEP “Take Back The Night” Show, simulcast with Phoenix, AZ Police Chief Olivieri

Recently Presented

Presented program on Intervention Styles to hundreds of lawyers and judges at the 2010 annual retreat of the advocacy group, “Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers” in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

Training & Experience

Betty Ford Center, Palm Springs, CA, completed Professionals in Residence Program

– Former Clinical Director of Marworth Treatment Center, Waverly, PA
– Masters Degree: Fairleigh Dickinson University, Rutherford, NJ
– University of Utah Certificate in Alcoholism Studies
Trained by Johnson Institute, Minneapolis, MN
– Member, Association of Intervention Specialists
– Member, National Association of Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Counselors
– Has conducted hundreds and hundreds of successful interventions

Vince has worked successfully with Physicians, Lawyers, Pharmacists, Pilots, Nurses and other licensed professionals. In addition, he has conducted successful interventions on CEO’s, CFO’s, Board Members, and other high level executives. Also, hundreds of Interventions on homemakers, private practice operators, self-employed business owners, and students have been successful.

When intervening on an addictive disease process on a Chief Executive Officer, Other Executives, Physicians, Dentists, Attorneys, and Pilots, different issues arise and need to be addressed with skill and sensitivity. There may be disclosure issues, legal/ethical considerations, licensure problems, client/customer/shareholder awareness concerns, etc., that the interventionist needs the experience to recognize and deal with.

As a Board Certified Interventionist Vince has personally visited many, many treatment facilities from California to New York, and from Minnesota to Florida and gotten to know each program’s strengths and weaknesses. He has spent time with the therapists and administrators at these treatment centers. Doing this is the only way he could get comfortable referring your loved ones for care there. He MUST know the the program and the staff or he will not recommend sending someone to a facility. Matching the client’s needs to a specific facility’s staff is extremely important to successful outcome. One size truly doesn’t fit all.

Interventions are done to help persons involved in self-defeating lifestyles by family and friends who are concerned. With expert guidance a loving and compassionate atmosphere is created and is felt by all participants including the afflicted person.

Alcohol abuse, street drug abuse, prescribed medication abuse, pathological gambling, nicotine addiction, and eating disorders are conditions which intervention has been used to address. In compulsions such as compulsive over-spending and shopping, extensive internet abuse and gaming, as well as self-mutilation (cutting, burning, etc.) intervention has been successfully used to encourage treatment.

Vince Carolan has extensive training in all three styles of intervention and has used all of them successfully.